Wine Export Logistics Service

At Ferment, we take care of all the logistics required for the export of wine.

We have over twenty years' experience and many satisfied customers throughout Australia.

We conduct all our business in a professional and confidential manner and would be delighted to receive instructions from you regarding the export of your wine.

We provide:

  • Wine Export Approval
  • Shipping Permits
  • Use of Ferment's Wine Export License *
  • * (saving you the expense of obtaining your own)

Services and Rates

  • Preparation and Lodgment of Documents (FOB value over $5000) $295 + GST
  • Preparation and Lodgment of Documents (FOB value under $5000) $195 + GST
  • Export Permit Issue $65 + GST
  • VI1 Issue $65 + GST
  • Chinese Certificate of Free Sale $50 + GST
  • Product Approval $115 + GST
  • Certificate of Origin $50 + GST
  • Organic Certificate $120 + GST
  • Federal Government Export Levy 0.2% of FOB value

Clients using our services on a regular basis may be considered for a credit account.


We look forward to assisting you in your exporting endeavors.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Holly Livesey or Jenny Stonier.

Holly Livesey

Jenny Stonier

Ferment Pty Ltd

  • 32 Brasser Ave,
  • Dromana, Vic, 3916