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Total Sulfur Dioxide 30 Test Kit

Sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative in wine and there are restrictions limiting the amount that can be added in most wine producing countries. This test kit is a fast and easy way to determine the amount of total sulfur dioxide in wine samples, without the need for the laborious setup associated with traditional methods.

For this Test Kit semi-micro cuvettes are required.

The amount of sulfite present in wine is measured by monitoring the reaction with a chromogen under basic conditions. The reduction of the chromogen leads to formation of a strongly absorbing compound which can be measured at 340 nm. The measured amount of the activated chromogen is stoichiometrically proportional to the amount of total sulphite present.


  • Distilled water  -  1W002
  • Pipette -  2P398 or 2P399
  • Pipette tips -  2P500 or 2P502
  • Parafilm -  2P140
  • Spectrophotometer -  2S120 or 2S140
  • Semi-micro cuvettes -  2C890

To ensure the integrity and long life of this perishable product we prefer to ship to you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is because we don’t want it to suffer if it is delayed over a weekend. If you are sure we can send it safely later in the week then please advise us accordingly.

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