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At Ferment we pride ourselves on being experienced beverage scientists. We offer a full range of services including chemical and microbiological testing of beer, cider, spirits and water. We also perform export certification in our ISO 17025 laboratories.

Ferment offers high quality enzymatic test kits that are made to be used with our Discrete Analyser and Spectrophotometer range while we also offer a wide range of professional laboratory equipment for use in your own lab facilities through our online shop. All services and product shipping are available nationwide.

For over 20 years we have been offering professional and extensive services to our many customers in the alcoholic beverage industry through our five brewlabs located in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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Dr Roger Latham

Roger Latham

It was in 1985, at the tender age of 14 years-old that Roger started his career in fermentation. With his discovery in the Encyclopedia Brittanica that alcohol was made by the activity of yeast upon sugar, and access to large quantities of fruit at the farms where he worked, he created a sparkling raspberry wine. Quite likely it was the popularity of this drink amongst his peers that ultimately led him to continue down the fermentation pathway. Whatever the case, it seems that by year 12 his life path was set, as his first formal scientific experiment was determining the effect of temperature upon the respiration rate of yeast. He went on to study a Bachelor in Agricultural Science (Honours) at the University of Tasmania, attaining a high distinction in microbiology. He was subsequently employed in bacterial enzyme manufacture, plant pathology, water testing, respiratory microbiology, and food microbiology.

Roger has taught science and mathematics to high school students, as well as been a lecturer in medical microbiology and fermentation. In 2018 he wrote a short course in cider making and was awarded a PhD by the University of Tasmania for his work on the development of a probiotic strain of bacteria for the respiratory tract. At home he is constantly and annoyingly experimenting, with the manufacture of alcoholic beverages and fermented foods. His interest in brewing started around the year 2000, with a work-based project in which he evaluated enzymes for reducing haze-formation in beer. With the pleasing taste of this product, at least compared with his fruit wines, he became obsessed with brewing. However, it was always the microbiology of brewing that was particularly interesting for him, as he was certain that the key to good beer was in the ferment – not which hops or grain were being used. Most recently he has been developing low alcohol craft beers and isolating wild yeast for brewing from the Tasmanian bush.


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